Amazon Spin The Wheel Of Fortune & Win Prize Every Sunday

Amazon Spin The Wheel Of Fortune & Win Prize Every Sunday

Amazon Wheel of Fortune 11 April 2021 Sunday– Spin the wheel and answer an easy question to win exciting prizes like Samsung S20 Ultra or Bose Headphones or ₹10,000 or ₹30 or ₹15 or nothing. Just tap the wheel and one easy question will appear just answer the question and win the exciting prizes.

How To Play Spin The Wheel of Fortune& Win

1, First Of All Just Login Into Your Amazon Account

2. Now Search For The Word “Quiz”

3. On Next Page , Select The FunZone Quiz Banner.

Direct quiz Link –

4. Scroll Down Below & You Will See Amazon wheel of fortune Spin & Win.

5. Click On 3 Dots & Tap Wheel Of Fortune Banner Or Type Quiz Time & Spin.

6. Click On The Wheel & Let it Spin.

On Next Page There Will Be This Question :-

Amazon Spin The Wheel Of Fortune & Win Prize (11 April 2021)

Question :- What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?


Ans:- Lucknow

Some Mostly Asked Questions in Amazon Spin The Wheel and Win

Question :- How many months have 28 days in them?

Ans:- All of Them

Question: Who is known as the father of Indian Space Program?

Answer :- Vikram Sarabhai

Question: Which Is The Largest State In India In Terms Of Area?

Answer :- Rajasthan

Question :- Who is the first female Prime Minister of India?

Answer – Indira Gandhi

Question: Which Country Has Won The Most World Cups In Cricket?

Answer – Australia

Question :- __________ is the yearly event where you get the best deals, discounts & more on Amazon during the Diwali festive season?

Answer – Amazon Great India Festival Sale

Question :- Where is this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) being played?

Answer :- UAE


Question :- What is the capital of New-Zealand?

Answer :- Wellington

Question :- In football, what is the primary role of a goal-keeper?

Answer :- Save The Goals

Question :- How many sides does a hexagon have?

Answer :- 6

Question :- How many side does a square have?

Answer :- 4

Question :- The Andaman and ________ Islands are one of the Union territories of India. (Fill in the blank)

Answer :- Nicobar

Question :- What is the capital of the state of Manipur?

Answer :- Imphal

Question :- What is the capital of Germany?

Answer :- Berlin

Question :- What is the capital of France?

Answer :- Paris

Question : – What is the Capital of Meghalaya?

Answer :- Shillong

More Details of The Contest

1. This Contest will be available from Every Sunday , 12:00:00 a.m. (IST) to 11:59:59 p.m. (IST) only (“Contest Period”).

2. To enter, you must, during the Contest Period:

(a) sign-in to your account. If you do not have an account, you would need to sign-up for an account, to be able to enter into this Contest;

(b) once signed-in, you can participate in the Contest by navigating to the “Spin & Win” page;

(c) click on “Tap to Spin”. Each account will be given only one chance to click on the said “Tap to Spin” button; and

(d) based on the result of the spin, you will proceed to claim your Prize, subject to the terms provided hereunder.

3. Each slice of the wheel will contain 1 (one) Prize, and such slice will fall under either “Win” or “Chance to Win” category.

4. If you do not respond within the given time period, or answer any question incorrectly, you will not be eligible to be declared as a winner of the Prize. If you are eligible to win a Prize, you will also be required to prove your age, failing which, you will be disqualified from the Contest and will not be eligible to receive a Prize.

5. All winners will be required to have their mobile numbers verified with so as to claim the prize Note: Only complete entries received during the Contest Period will be considered.

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