Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers 14 January 2021

Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala quiz Answers Today, Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers 14 January 2021 is Live.

Flipkart is back with another quiz named prizewali paathshala, where you have to answer 3 question. Answer 3 questions and win amazing prizes on flipkart daily.

How To Play Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz? 

  • 1: This is the Flipkart App Only Quiz – So you have to Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.
  • 2: Now just open Flipkart App & Login into your account or register if you don’t have one.
  • 3: In the Flipkart app, you will see the “Games” banner at the bottom.
  • 4: Go to the Games and scroll down and you will see the “prize wali paathshala” banner. Now tap on the Play Now button to play the quiz.
  • 5: Now there you will see 3 questions in the prize wali paathshala Quiz, You have to give the right answers to all questions to win the quiz.

Play Daam Sahi Hai And Win Assured Rewards.

1. 1 Winner Smartphone.

2. Gift Vouchers

3. Supercoins For Remaining Winners

Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers 14 January 2021 – Win Exciting Prizes

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Required 10 Minutes As You Need To Watch A Video For Playing Quiz As Quiz In The Video Format.

Question 1) Which planet has approximately the same amount of landmass as Earth?

Answer – Mars

Question 2) Which of these metals are most commonly used in making the core of an Electromagnet?

Answer – Iron

Question 3) What is the full form of ATM?

Answer – Automated Teller Machine

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