Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers Today 19 June 2021 – Win Prizes

Beat The Genius is an exciting digital quiz game show on Flipkart Video.

A one of its kind game show where even the audience can play and win prizes by answering questions.

The cast comprises popular Television host Maniesh Paul as the anchor and reputed Genius and Quizmaster Mr. Parnab Mukherjee.

The core format of the show is to correctly answer as many questions as possible which will be asked by the host and defeat the Quizmaster who is pitted against the audience.

If you defeat the Quizmaster you are rewarded with prizes, if not you can try again in the next episode.

How to Play Beat The Genius Quiz Today

  1. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Open & Sign in to the Flipkart App.
  3. Open Video Section in the app & tap Beat The Genius Quiz
  4. Now tap on the Start Now button to play the quiz.
  5. There is a total of 5 questions
  6. Answer all the Beat the Genius questions correctly to win the prizes.

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Details

Quiz PrizeGems, Vouchers & Rewards
Start Time12:00 AM
End Time11:59 PM
Date19 June 2021
Winner AnnouncementDaily

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Prizes

  • Rs. 50 GV
  • Rs. 1000 GV
  • Rs. 2000 GV
  • Super Coins

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers 19 June 2021 – Win Exciting Prizes

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Question 1) In which state would you find mainland India’s easternmost town?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question 2) Which Bangladeshi writer was forced to leave Bangladesh in 1994 for authoring the controversial novel ‘Lajja’?

Answer: Taslima Nasrin

Question 3) India’s first nuclear reactor was named after which divine being from Hindu mythology?

Answer: Apsara

Question 4) Whose record öf most centuries in a single world cup did Rohit Sharma beat in 2019?

Answer: Kumar Sangakkara

Question 5) Which river gives its name to a carnivorous dinosaur called Rajasaurus – whose fossils were found in India?

Answer: Narmada

Beat The Genius Quiz Episode 4

Question 1) The Madhubani paintings are the traditional art form of which state?

Answer: Bihar

Question 2) Which is the only film that starred both Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor?

Answer: D-Day

Question 3) In 1943-CD Desil nakh became the first Indian to head which organisation?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

Question 4) In which country did the Indian Air Force execute Operation Cactus after their government appealed for help?

Answer: Maldives

Question 5) In which year did India win its last Olympic Gold in hockey?

Answer: 1980

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers 17 June 2021 Episode 3 – Mahabharata Special

Question 1) Which Pandava had wives named Ulupi and Subhadra in the Mahabharata?.

Answer: Arjuna

Question 2) The headquarters of the BCCI is located in which international cricket stadium?

Answer: Wankhede Stadium

Question 3) Which animal was the national animal of India immediately before the tiger?

Answer: Lion

Question 4) Who is the youngest Indian Born Nobel Prize winner in Literature?

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

Question 5) Which Viceroy & Governor General of India was assassinated while touring the Andaman Islands?

Answer: Lord Mayo

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers 16 June 2021 Episode 2 – Biriyani Ke Swaad

Question 1) Thalassery / Ambut Dindigul / Kolkata and Awadhi are types of what dish?

Answer: Biryani

Question 2) In June 2020 which cyclone hit the western coast of India?

Answer: Nisarga

Question 3) What is the Civil Aircraft Registration Country Code for planes registered in India?

Answer: VT

Question 4) After which sufi saint did Emperor Akbar name his son – who became emperor Jahangir?

Answer: Sheikh Salim Chishti

Question 5) Which asura in hindu mythology was the son Vajranga & Vajrangi and could only be killed by a child?

Answer: Tarakasura

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Answers 15 June 2021 Season 1 Episode 1 – Pratibha Ki Khoj

Question 1) In which state would you find The Khajuraho Temples?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Question 2) MS Dhoni Announced His Retirement From International Cricket With A Social Media Post Featuring Which Song?

Answer: Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon

Question 3) The Former Chairman Of Which Indian Business House Was The First Licensed Pilot In India?

Answer: Tata

Question 4) How Many Languages Are There On The Language Panel Of An Indian Rupee Note?

Answer: 15

Question 5) A Symbolic Representation Of What Food Item Was Found On The Official Flag Of The Nizams Of Hyderabad?

Answer: Kulcha

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Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. You will need to answer all the questions correctly in order to win an assured reward.
  2. The winners will get either Flipkart gift vouchers, products as applicable or supercoins.
  3. The rewards will be credited to the account of the winners on or before May 31st, 2021.
  4. This contest is valid only in India and only to those who are Indian citizens.
  5. All the participants must be of age 18 or higher and have verified their contact on Flipkart.
  6. The participant must have a valid account on the platform.
  7. By participating, participants agree and consent to the collection, usage, storage, transfer, sharing or otherwise processing of personal information.
  8. This includes sensitive information provided by participants.
  9. Employees of Flipkart and their relatives, contractors, and any other companies or vendors associated with the contest are not eligible to participate.
  10. Winners may be contacted by Flipkart for marketing and promotional purposes.

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