Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers Today 14 April 2021

Flipkart Video is back with another Quiz Named Aage Kya. Aage Kya Quiz Answers is available now. Flipkart Aage Kya Answers Today are given below.

Aage Kya Quiz is mostly based on viral videos. Aage Kya?

How To Play Flipkart Video Presents Aage Kya Quiz? 

  • Step 1: This is the Flipkart App Only Quiz – So you have to download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.
  • Step2: Now just open Flipkart App & Login into your account or register if you don’t have one.
  • Step3: In the Flipkart app, you will see the “Games” banner at the bottom.
  • Step 4: Go to the Games and scroll down and you will see the “Flipkart Aage Kya” banner. Now tap on the Play Now button to play the quiz.
  • Step 5: Now there you will be asked 3 questions in Aage Kya Quiz, You have to give the right answers to all questions to win the quiz.
  • Step 6: Now you have to give correct answers which are given below. Just scroll and get answers and win something.
Quiz Name:Flipkart Aage Kya
Prize:Vouchers, Gems and more
Quiz Day:Daily
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers 14 April 2021 – Win Prize.

Question 1) What’s next?

Answer 1: Zombie scares the singer

Question 2) What’s next?

Answer 2: Girl slaps the boy

Question 3) What’s next?

Answer 3: They break the glass wall

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 13 April 2021

  1. Boy on treadmill falls
  2. kid bumps into the door
  3. The cat gets both the rings

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 12 April 2021

  1. Cat slaps the horse
  2. Bartender sets face on fire
  3. The girl falls on the ground

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 11 April 2021

  1. Someone’s pants fall off
  2. Man falls on his own
  3. Man break the photo frame

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 10 April 2021

  1. Boy falls over another boy
  2. A vehicle enter the store
  3. Girl slaps the boy

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 9 April 2021

  1. ATV crashes into crowd
  2. A kid has destroyed the makeup
  3. Boy breaks the bed

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 8 April 2021

  1. Boy slide the ball
  2. Couple falls while dancing 
  3. Ball hits the girl’s face

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 7 April 2021

  1. Girl falls in the water
  2. Open the bottle with his butt
  3. Llama spits on the camera

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 6 April 2021

  1. Boy hits the child
  2. Man smashes cream on her face
  3. Will you marry me

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 5 April 2021

  1. Boy lands on the jet ski
  2. Girl falls
  3. Someone drops the mic

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers 4 April 2021

  1. Giraffe licks the camera
  2. Dog pretends to faint
  3. Man reaches successfully

3 April 2021 Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers

  1. Grandmother falls
  2. Boy falls from the balcony
  3. Girl breaks her bone

2 April 2021 Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers

  1. Swing breaks
  2. Kid vomits
  3. Fish hits the girl

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 1 April 2021

  1. Birds on the right headbangs
  2. Both of them fall
  3. Girl hits the target

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 31 March 2021

  1. Brother Farts
  2. Whole egg comes out
  3. Something hits his face

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 30 March 2021

  1. Bull’s tail hits the cap
  2. Goat Come Out of the drawer
  3. Bird takes the rat

Aage Kya Answers 29 March 2021

  1. Kid (left of the screen) Falls
  2. Boy Faints
  3. Girl Slips

Aage Kya Answers 28 March 2021

  1. Bride and Minister Fall
  2. Cows and Chickens Fight
  3. Lady Runs Away

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers

Prizes for Flipkart Aage Kya

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Super coins

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