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Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today All Episodes

S4 Episode 65 – Football vs Cricket

Q1: What type of partner do you prefer?

Answer 1: (A) Intelligent

Q2: Which sport do people prefer to watch?

Answer 2: (B) Cricket

Q3: Which drink tastes better?

Answer 3: (B) Coca-Cola

S4 Episode 64 – iPhone: Essential ya Luxury?

Q1: How many people read the newspaper every day?

Answer 1: (B) 70-80%

Q2: Which masks do people prefer?

Answer 2: (B) Stylish

Q3: Do people think that owning an i phone is luxuary?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 63 – Hottie: Noora ya Malaika?

Q1: Who do people think is a better dancer?

Answer 1: (A) Nora Fatehi

Q2: Which side of the family do people like more?

Answer 2: (B) Maternal

Q3: Should children below 8 have access to mobile phones?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 62 – Joint ya Nuclear Family

Q1: What do people think are 2000 rupee notes are of any use?

Answer 1: (A) Yes

Q2: What percentage of people prefer living with their parents?

Answer 2: (A) 80-90%

Q3: Who do people follow more on social media?

Answer 3: (B) Influencers

S4 Episode 61 -Ladakh Ya Goa Trip?

Q1: Where would people prefer to go on a vacation?

Answer 1: (B) GOA

Q2: What kind of coffee do people prefer to drink?

Answer 2: (A) Hot Coffee

Q3: Can people who have taken both vaccines to avoid wearing masks?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 60 – IPL ya T20l?

Q1: What do people prefer traditional watches or smartwatches?

Answer 1: (B) Smartwatch

Q2: What do people prefer watching t20 or ipl?

Answer 2: (B) IPL

Q3: What percentage of people play the new version of pubg?

Answer 3: (B) 30-40%

S4 Episode 59 – Tollywood or Bollywood?

Q1: Where do people like to go out and eat?

Answer 1: (A) Different Restau

Q2: What percent of people think film awards are fixed?

Answer 2: (B) 60-70%

Q3: Do people enjoy watching Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on tv?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

Episode 58 -YouTube vs Games

Q1: What kind of lighting do people prefer in a room?

Answer 1: (A) Yellow Lights

Q2: What do kids prefer to do?

Answer 2: (B) Watch Youtube

Q3: Which hairstyle suits more on women?

Answer 3: (B) Hair Open

S4 Episode 57 -Gossip Sunogay?

Q1: Are people scared of darkness?

Answer 1: (B) No

Q2: What percent of people can fall asleep anywhere?

Answer 2: (A) 50-60%

Q3: Who do people gossip more with?

Answer 3: (A) Colleagues

S4 Episode 56 -Laptop ya iPad

Q1: What percent of people pretend to be sick to prolong their leave for a long weekend?

Answer 1: (A) 60-70% 

Q2: Which one do men prefer more?

Answer 2: (B) Razor

Q3: What do people prefer?

Answer 3: (B) iPad

S4 Episode 55 -Wired ya Wireless Earphones

Q1: What kind of earphones do people prefer?

Answer 1: (B) Wireless

Q2: Do people think bullet trains are a waste of money?

Answer 2: (B) No

Q3: Do people think cigarette smoking should be completely banned in India?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 54 -Guitar ya Piano

Q1: Which is a better instrument to play?

Answer 1: (A) Guitar

Q2: What do people prefer having for breakfast?

Answer 2: (B) Paratha

Q3: What type of friend do people prefer more?

Answer 3: (A) Loyal Friend

S4 Episode 53 -Versace Vs Vogue?

Q1: Who is a better dancer?

Answer 1: (B) Hritik Roshan

Q2: Who’s poetry do people prefer to listen?

Answer 2: (B) Javed Akhar

Q3: What percent of people have had a crush on their boss?

Answer 3: (B) 30-40%

S4 Episode 52 -Tiger Vs Greek God

Q1: Which era do people like more?

Answer 1: (A) 90’s

Q2: What clothes’ do people prefer to wear?

Answer 2: (A) Colorful Shades

Q3: What percent of people think that girls should change their surname post marriage?

Answer 3: (A) 20-30%

S4 Episode 51 -Road Trip: Bike Vs Car

Q1: What percent of boys like girls with long hair

Answer 1: (A) 70-80%

Q2: Which srk movie do people like more?

Answer 2: (B) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

Q3: How do people prefer to travel in the mountain

Answer 3: (A) Bike Ride

S4 Episode 50 -Walk: Morning ya Evening?

Q1: What time of the day do people prefer to go for a walk?

Answer 1: (B) Evening

Q2: Who do you think is a better Bollywood father?

Answer 2: (A) Shahrukh Khan

Q3: What percent of people take home hotel toiletries at the time of checkout?

Answer 3: (A) 60-70%

S4 Episode 49 -B-Town Power Couple

Q1: What do people prefer?

Answer 1: (A) Live DJ

Q2: Do you think the Statue of Unity in Gujarat is a waste of money?

Answer 2: (B) No

Q3: Which Bollywood couple complement each other better?

Answer 3: (A) Ranbir- Alia

S4 Episode 48 -Bollywood Masala

Q1: Have you ever gotten fired from a job?

Answer 1: (A) No

Q2: What percent of people have been victims of office politics?

Answer 2: (A) 80-90%

Q3: Which devar-bhabhi Bollywood jodi do you like?

Answer 3: (A) Anil Shridevi

S4 Episode 47:Grocery: Online ya Offline?

Q1: How do you shop for your grocery

Answer 1: (A) Online Shopping

Q2: Do you play along quiz shows that air on tv

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: What do people like more

Answer 3: (B) Palak Paneer

S4 Episode 46: Landline: Yes Or No?

Q1: Are you super superstitious about a black cat croosing your path?

Answer 1: (A) No

Q2: What percent of people remove their shoes before entering their house?

Answer 2: (A) 60-70

Q3: Do you still have a landline phone?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 45: Losing: Phone Ya Keys?

Q1: What are you most likely to lose?

Answer 1: (B) Keys

Q2: What percent of people can read Devanagari script?

Answer 2: (B) 70-80

Q3: Should the government make sanitary pads free of cost?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 44:  Schools Han Ya Nah!

Q1: How many times do you brush your teeth?

Answer 1: (B) Twice A Day

Q2: Should schools be fully opened for kids now?

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: Can Indian cook international dishes?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 43 -Bachchan’s ya Kapoor’s

Q1: What would you rather see

Answer 1: (A) Your Own Future

Q2: How do you prefer sleeping

Answer 2: (A) On Your Back

Q3: Who would you rather go to dinner with

Answer 3: (B) The Kapoors

S4 Episode 42 -Garden ya Balcony?

Q1: What percent of people buy ayurvedic medicine?

Answer 1: (B) 40-50%

Q2: What is a must-have in your dream house?

Answer 2: (B) Balcony With A View

Q3: What do people prefer to give as a wedding gift?

Answer 3: (B) Cash

Episode 41 – Proposal: Taj ya Eiffel?

Q1: Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Answer: (B) No

Q2: What percent of people can speak more than 3 languages?

Answer: (B) 50-60%

Q3: Which would be your dream proposal place?

Answer: (B) Eiffel Tower

Episode 40: Wedding: Grand ya Simple?

Q1: Which situation will embarrass you more

Answer 1: (B) Continuous Hiccups

Q2: What percent of people hate karela

Answer 2: (A) 70-80%

Q3: What kind of wedding would you prefer having

Answer 3: (A) Big Fat Indian Wedding

Episode 39: Athlete Ya Cricketer?

Q1: Can you match your current signature with your first signature

Answer 1: (A) Yes

Q2: What would your rather be

Answer 2: (B) Cricketer

Q3: What percent of people prefer travelling solo?

Answer 3: (A) 70-80%

Episode 38:

Q1: Who is your favorite comedian?

Answer 1: (B) Kapil Sharma

Q2:Who is your all-time favorite Indian cricketer?

Answer 2: (B) MS Dhoni

Q3:Are you satisfied with your current monthly salary?

Answer 3: (B) No

Episode 37: Mountains ya Beaches?

Q1: Do people pass on their gift to others

Answer 1: (A) Yes

Q2: What is more likely to make you laugh

Answer 2: (A) Jokes

Q3: What percent of people would like to build a house in the mountains

Answer 3: (A) 40-50%

Episode 36: Horror Movies: Han Ya Nah?

Question 1) Do people chew nails?

Answer: Yes

Question 2) Which kind of pizza do people prefer to eat?

Answer: Margherita Pizza

Question 3) What percent of people are not afraid to watch horror movies?

Answer: 70% – 80%

S4 Episode 35: Bollywood Ya Cricket

Q1: What percent of people hate taking selfie?

Answer 1: (A) 50-60%

Q2: Who do people find funnier?

Answer 2: (A) Zakir Khan

Q3: Is Cricket bigger than Bollywood in India?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 34: Love Ya Arrange Marriage

Q1: What percent of people like monsoon?

Answer 1: (A) 60-70%

Q2: Who is a bigger star?

Answer 2: (A) Kiara Adwani

Q3: What do people prefer?

Answer 3: (B) Love Marriage

S4 Episode 33: WFH: Yes Or No

Q1: Do people prefer working from home

Answer 1: (B) Yes

Q2: Where do people prefer watching shows

Answer 2: (B) TV

Q3: What percent of people fake their age

Answer 3: (A) 70-80%

S4 Episode 32: Swimming ya Cycling

Q1: What exercise do people prefer?

Answer 1: (B) Cycling

Q2: What percent of people fast for spiritual reasons?

Answer 2: (B) 60-70

Q3: Which Store are you likely to enter?

Answer 3: (A) All Items At 500

S4 Episode 31: Sunrise ya Sunset?

Q1: Which one do people prefer

Answer 1: (A) Sunrise

Q2: What percent of people believe that green tea can help you lose weight

Answer 2: (B) 70-80%

Q3: Do people put their shopping plans on hold to shop at a sale

Answer 3: (A) Option 1

S4 Episode 30: Shopping Han Ya Nah…!

Q1: What does food taste better with

Answer 1: (A) Ghee

Q2: What percentage of people share their things with others

Answer 2: (A) 70-80%

Q3: Have people already shopped from the big billion days sale

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 29:Shadi: Function Ya Khana

Q1: How many people attend weddings only for foods

Answer: (B) 30-40%

Q2: If you were an entrepreneur what would be your business be

Answer: (A) Food

Q3: What would u prefer shopping more during the sale period

Answer: (A) Electronics

S4 Episode 28: Ghost: Fact or Fiction?

Q1: How many people believe that ghosts exist?

Answer 1: (B) 50-60%

Q2: What would you do if you had a superpower?

Answer 2: (A) Time Travel

Q3: Should your partner have your social media access?

Answer 3: (B) Yes

S4 Episode 27: Work: Morning Ya Night

Q1: What time of the day do people like working early morning or late nights

Answer 1: (B) Late Night

Q2: Is spoken English necessary to get a job?

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: Who is the better digital content creator?

Answer 3: (B) Prajacta Koli

S4 Episode 26: Sandals ya Shoes

Q1: What type of footwear do women prefer

Answer 1: (B) Shoes

Q2: How many people read terms and conditions while signing a document?

Answer 2: (B) 70- 80%

Q3: Do you think Indian men still wear vests under their shirt

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 25: Movies ya Serials

Q1: Which celebrity couple do people love more?

Answer 1: (B) Deepika- Ranveer

Q2: What do people like watching more

Answer 2: (A) Movies

Q3: Do people try on clothes before they buy

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4 Episode 24: Romance ya Thriller?

Q1: Who do people prefer listening to during the monsoon season

Answer 1: (A) Arjit Singh

Q2: What is the strangest thing people have done during an online meeting

Answer 2: (A) Brushing Teeth

Q3: What genre of movie do people prefer watching on a date

Answer 3: (B) Action And Thriller

S4 Episode 23 : Jewelry: Gold ya Diamond?

Q1: What do people prefer doing on Sunday

Answer 1: (A) Sleeping

Q2: Do people prefer diamond or gold jewelry?

Answer 2: (A) Diamond

Q3: Do people prefer listening to music while working

Answer 3: (B) No

S4 Episode 22: Selfie Ya Photograph

Q1: Do people need one alarm or more than one to wake up?

Answer 1: (A) One Alarm

Q2: Which cousin siblings duo looks better

Answer 2: (B) Parineeti- Priyanka

Q3: Do people prefers being clicked by others or take their selfies

Answer 3: (B) Taking Selfie

Episode 21 – News: TV ya Online?

Question 1) Where do people prefer to watch news?

Answer: News Channel

Question 2) What percent of people still prefer to listen to the radio?

Answer: 50% – 60%

Question 3) Where do youngsters learn cooking from?

Answer: Family

Episode 20 – Sports Indoor Ya Outdoor?

Question 1) What type of men do women prefer?

Answer: Outgoing

Question 2) What time of the day do people prefer to surf the Internet?

Answer: During the day

Question 3) What kind of sports do people prefer more?

Answer: Outdoor

Episode 19 – Petticoat Baba

Question 1) Do people believe in Astrology

Answer: 60% – 70%

Question 2) What are people scared of more?

Answer: Lizard

Question 3) Who do people find more cute old people or kids?

Answer: Kids

Episode 18 : Khana: Chinese ya Italian?

Q1: Do people remember birthdays only because of social media

Answer 1: 60-70%

Q2: What do people prefer to watch on Instagram?

Answer 2: Reels

Q3: What do people prefer to eat at restaurants?

Answer 3: Chinese

Episode 17 – Rail ya Khudki Gadi?

Q1: What percent of people prefer public transport during covid?

Answer 1: 30-40%

Q2: What time do people prefer to sleep at night?

Answer 2: Before Midnight

Q3: What are people more scared of?

Answer 3: Flight Takes Off

Episode 16 – Roti ya Makaan?

Question 1) Which superpower would people like to have for a day?

Answer: Mind Reading

Question 2) Do people buy things sold at traffic signals?

Answer: Yes

Question 3) If people were stranded on an island what would they prefer more?

Answer: Food

Episode 15 – Go Corona Goa

Question 1) According to people would the world become coivd free by the end of 2022?

Answer: 60% – 70%

Question 2) What would people prefer to buy if they had 5 lakh rupee?

Answer: New Car

Question 3) According to people which is Akshay Kumar’s most prefered role?

Answer: Comedy

Episode 14 – Jamun ya Jalebi?

Question 1) How do women prefer men?

Answer: With Beard

Question 2) Which sweet dish do people prefer to eat?

Answer: Jalebi

Question 3) What percentage of people hate their boss?

Answer: 30% – 40%

Episode 13 – Outing ya Staying Home?

Question 1) What percentage of people think that there should be censorship on OTT platform?

Answer: 70% – 80%

Question 2) Which of these wouldn’t have acted in films if they didn’t have any film background?

Answer: Sonakshi Sinha

Question 3) What do people prefer to do on weekends?

Answer: Going out

Episode 12 – Ethnic ya Western?

Question 1) According to people which is the better breakup song?

Answer: Channa Mereya

Question 2) Do people google before meeting new people?

Answer: Yes

Question 3) Which of Alia Bhatt’s look do people like more?

Answer: Western

Episode 11 – Alcohol ya WiFi?

Question 1) What should flights provide?

Answer: Free WiFi

Question 2) Do grown ups watch cartoons

Answer: 70% – 80%

Question 3) Which sibling duo is cooler?

Answer: Janhvi & Khushi Kapoor

Episode 10 – Digital Ya Cash

Question 1) Do people like watching cricket?

Answer: Yes

Question 2) What do people prefer more.

Answer: Cooking at Home

Question 3) Do people prefer online payment over cash payments.

Answer: Online Payment

Episode 9 – Reviews ya Price?

Q1: What is more important for people while shopping at Flipkart?

Answer: Good Reviwes

Q2: Do people still hang out with their school friends?

Answer: Yes

Q3: Which Priyanka Chopra movie do people like more?

Answer: Dil Dhadkane Do

Episode 8 – Original Songs ya Remix?

Q1: Who snores more?

Answer: (A) Men

Q2: Do you like remixes of old songs?

Answer: (A) No

Q3: Which is worse?

Answer: (B) Stomach Ache

Episode 7 -Kundli ya Swiping?

Question 1) What phone unlock feature do people like more?

Answer 1: Fingerprint

Question 2) Do people think Salman Khan is the most popular khan of Bollywood.

Answer 2: Yes

Question 3) Where do people prefer looking for a partner.

Answer: Matrimonial Sites

Episode 6- iPhone: Essential ya Luxury

Question 1) How many people read newspaper everyday?

Answer: 70% – 80%

Question 2) Which Mask do people prefer?

Answer: Stylish

Question 3) Do people think that owning an iPhone is luxury?

Answer: Yes

Episode 5 – Hottie: Nora ya Malaika?

Question 1) Who do people think is a better dancer?

Answer 1: Norah F.

Question 2) Which side of the family do people like more?

Answer 2: Maternal

Question 3) Should Children below 8 have access to mobile Phones?

Answer: No

Episode 4 – Joint ya Nuclear Family

Question 1) What do people think are 2000 rupee notes are of any use?

Answer 1: Yes

Question 2) What percentage of poeple prefer living with their parents?

Answer: 80%-90%

Question 3) Who do people follow more on social media?

Answer: Influencers

Episode 3- Ladakh ya Goa trip?

Question 1) Where would peoples prefer to go on a vacation

Answer 1: Goa

Question 2) What kind of coffee do people prefer to drink

Answer 2: Hot

Question 3) Can people who have taken both the vaccines avoid wearing masks

Answer: No

Episode 2 – IPL ya T20l

Question 1) What do peoples prefer traditional watches or smartwatches?

Answer 1: Smartwatch

Question 2) What do people prefer watching T20 or IPL?

Answer 2: IPL

Question 3) What percentage of people play the new version of pubg?

Answer: 30-40%

Season 4 Episode 1 – Yoga ya Cardio?

Q1: How many people prefer online shopping in India?

Answer 1: 80% – 90% 

Q2: Do you think that female actor should be paid equally as male actors in Bollywood?

Answer 2: Yes

Q3:Which of these fitness regimes do people prefer?

Answer 3: Yoga

EP 40 – Apple Vs OnePlus

Q1: With which actress did Ranbir look best on screen?

Answer 1: Ranbir and Anushka in ADHM

 Q2: Should the minimum age for smoking be 21?

Answer 2: Yes

Q3: Which brand of phone does India prefer?

Answer 3: Apple

EP 39: Alia in Hollywood

Q1: Which cricketer has a better physique?

Answer 1: Virat Kohli

Q2: Among the new-gen Bollywood actress who should make their Hollywood debut?

Answer 2: Alia Bhatt

Q3: What is India’s favorite disk during winters?

Answer 3: Gaajar Ka Halwa

EP 38: Bollywood’s Cute Couples

Q1: Do Indians spend more than 3 hours on mobile?

Answer 1: Yes

Q2: Which of these shows is more nostalgic?

Answer 2: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Q3: Which of these Bollywood couples make a cuter couple?

Answer 3: Kiara and Siddharth

EP 37: Madhuri ya Sridevi?

Q1: Who is a more iconic dancer?

Answer 1: Madhuri Dixit

Q2: Which of these subjects were the least favorite during school days?

Answer 2: History

Q3: Which breed of dog does India prefer to adopt as a pet?

Answer 3: German Shepherd

EP 36: McD ya KFC?

Q1: Who is India’s favorite Naagin actress?

Answer 1: Mouni Roy

Q2: Is the ‘Odd-Even’ rule the right tactic to fix sir pollution?

Answer 2: Yes

Q3: What is India’s favorite Burger joint?

Answer 3: KFC

EP 35: Antakshari ya Charades? 

Q1: Which game do people prefer to play in a picnic?

Answer 1: Antakshri

Q2: Can women live without buying clothes for a year?

Answer 2: No

Q3: Will it be necessary to wear a mask after getting vaccinated?

Answer 3: Yes

EP34: Masala ya Green Tea? 

Q1:Which version of tea is India’s favorite?

Answer 1: Green tea

Q2:Which of the Sushant Singh movie is India’s favorite?

Answer 2: MS Dhoni the untold story

Q3:Do we believe in love at first sight?

Answer 3: Yes

EP33: Bol Bacchan 

Question 1) Who is India’s favourite celebrity chef?

Answer 1: Vikas Khanna

Question 2) Will Joe Biden turn out to be a better president?

Answer 2: Yes

Question 3) Should Amitabh Bachchan’s voice be removed from the COVID-19 callertune?

Answer: Yes

EP32: Bollywood Mommies

Question 1) Which was the most popular meme of 2020?

Answer 1: Rasode Mein Kaun Tha memes?

Question 2) After marriage which kind of family does one prefer to stay in?

Answer 2: Joint Family

Question 3) Which Bollywood mommy is hotter?

Answer 3: Kareena Kapoor Khan

EP31: Kangana ya Deepika?

Question 1) Do Indians take pictures of their food before eating it?

Answer 1: No

Question 2) Which Bollywood celebrity should join politics?

Answer 2: Deepika Padukone

Question 3) Which Bollywood movie’s sequel is more awaited?

Answer 3: Bhool Bhulayiaa 2 

EP30: Timeless Beauties

Question 1) Which actress has aged more gracefully?

Answer 1: Rekha

Question 2) Do Indians take shower daily during winters?

Answer 2: Yes

Question 3) Indians would pet which wild animal?

Answer 3: Panda

EP29: Style Diva Kiara

Question 1) Does India believe that COVID-19 pandemic can completely end?

Answer 1: Yes

Question 2) Which Bollywood diva has the best style quotient?

Answer 2: Kiara Advani

Question 3) Which is the most common excuse given during work from home?

Answer 3: Internet Not Working

EP28: Taarak vs CID?

Question 1) Which of these is India’s favourite Kareena Kapoor character?

Answer 1: Geet from Jab We Met

Question 2) Who is better at remembering dates?

Answer 2: Women

Question 3) Which TV series do Indians prefer to watch with family?

Answer 3: Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma

EP27: Mahindra ya Toyota?

Question 1) Which is India’s favourite Ranveer Singh’s performance?

Answer 1: Bajirao

Question 2) Should mental health get the same importance as physical health?

Answer 2: Yes

Question 3) Which car does India prefer for a family road trip?

Answer 3: Toyota

EP26: Haldi ya Kaadha?

Question 1) When Indians fall sick which is their go-to home remedy?

Answer 1: Drink turmeric milk

Question 2) Who is more preferred as a companion for a date?

Answer 2: Sushmita Sen

Question 3) Which of these activities humans must prioritize first to save the environment?

Answer 3: Plant Trees

EP25: New Year, ‘New Me’

Question 1) Which of these is a more common new year resolution?

Answer 1: Save Money

Question 2) Who is a more popular Student Of The Year-2 actress?

Answer 2: Ananya Pandey

Question 3) Do Indians prefer having a password for their phone?

Answer 3: Yes

EP24: Swagat karo hamara

Question 1) Which of these Salman’s avatar is more popular?

Answer 1: Dabangg’s Sunglasses

Question 2) Who is a more popular YouTuber?

Answer 2: Carry Minati

Question 3) Which is a better college snack?

Answer 3: Maggi

EP23: Hakka ya Spaghetti?

Question 1) Who is a bigger heartthrob?

Answer 1: Kartik Aaryan

Question 2) What’s the first thing people do when they wake up?

Answer 2: Check Phone

Question 3) Which cuisine is more preferred while dining out?

Answer 3: Chinese

EP22: Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

Question 1) What is more romantic to witness with your partner?

Answer 1: Sunset

Question 2) Which dessert is more preferred?

Answer 2: Chocolate

Question 3) Who is India’s favourite comedian?

Answer 3: Kapil Sharma

EP21: Jadoo ki Jhappi

Question 1) Which Punjabi singer is more soulful?

Answer 1: Guru Randhawa

Question 2) What is the better way of showing affection?

Answer 2: Hug

Question 3) Which is your favourite cartoon show?

Answer 3: Tom & Jerry

Kya Bolti Public Episode 20 – Couple Goals Virushka

Question 1) Which couple look more cute?

Answer 1: Virat-Anushka

Question 2) Which of these permanent accessory do Indians prefer?

Answer 2: Tattoo

Question 3) Which of these reality show is more entertaining?

Answer 3: Kaun Banega Crorepati 

Kya Bolti Public Episode 19 – Makeup: Yes or No?

Question 1) Which of these star kid’s debut India is waiting for?

Answer 1: Aryan Khan

Question 2) Which of these is more important for the development of our country?

Answer 2: Education

Question 3) How do Indians like to see their partner?

Answer 3: Without Makeup

Kya Bolti Public Episode 18 – Jacqueline ya Sara?

Question 1) What does India prefer to do while attending a wedding?

Answer 1: Hit the dance floor

Question 2) What is the first thing people notice when they meet someone for the first time?

Answer 2: Smile

Question 3) Whose workout picture is better?

Answer 3: Jacqueline Fernandez

Kya Bolti Public Episode 17 – Paratha ya Poha?

Question 1) Which of these destination is a more popular option for a Dream Vacation?

Answer: Paris

Question 2) Should only men pay on a date?

Answer: No

Question 3) Which one is a more popular breakfast?

Answer: Paratha

Kya Bolti Public Episode 16 – Cooking Competition

Question 1) Who is a better cook?

Answer 1: Women

Question 2) PUBG ban should be lifted?

Answer 2: No

Question 3) Which SRK film is more popular?

Answer 3: Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

Kya Bolti Public Episode 15 – Pizza ya Burger? 

Question 1) Which is the ultimate Bollywood love song?

Answer 1: Tum Hi Ho

Question 2) What is India’s favourite fast food?

Answer 2: Pizza

Question 3) Which day is more important for Indians?

Answer 3: Mothers Day

Kya Bolti Public Episode 14 – Gym ya Yoga

Question 1) What do Indians prefer for weight loss?

Answer: Yoga

Question 2) Where would you like to take your partner on the first date?

Answer: Movies

Question 3) Which of these sport do Indians find more adventurous?

Answer: Sky Diving

Kya Bolti Public Episode 13 – The Fashion Adda

Question 1) Which kind of social service Indians want to do?

Answer: Feed People

Question 2) Which of these Bollywood movies from 60’s era should be recreated?

Answer: Mera naam joker

Question 3) Which kind of jeans is more preferred?

Answer: Skinny Jeans

Kya Bolti Public Episode 12 – North Chai or South Coffee?

Question 1) Where do Indians spend most of their money?

Answer: Food

Question 2) What does India prefer to drink?

Answer: Tea

Question 3) Most of the Indians are?

Answer: Punctual

Kya Bolti Public Episode 11 – Hera Pheri ya Dhamaal? 

Question 1) Which of these household chores is more important?

Answer: Cooking

Question 2) Which cafe is more preferred in India?

Answer: Cafe Coffee Day

Question 3) Which movie is enjoyed the most?

Answer: Hera Pheri

Kya Bolti Public Episode 10 –  Ludo ya Carrom?

Question 1) Which is India’s favourite dessert?

Answer: Gulab Jamun

Question 2) What is better for taking notes.

Answer: Phone

Question 3) Which indoor game is preferred by indians?

Answer: Ludo

Kya Bolti Public Episode 9 – Badshah ya Eminem?

Question 1) Who spends more time on the phone?

Answer: Children

Question 2) Which Bollywood actor looks better with Sara.

Answer: Kartik Aaryan

Question 3) Which of these is preferred for ringtones?

Answer: Hindi Song

Kya Bolti Public Episode 8 – TOI ya Arnab?

Question 1) What is a better way of consuming news?

Answer: Newspaper

Question 2) Which street food do you like the most?

Answer: Paani Puri

Question 3) Which is India’s favourite friendship based movie?

Answer: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Kya Bolti Public Episode 7 – Tinder pe coffee?

Question 1) What time of the day do Indians prefer to work?

Answer: Early Morning

Question 2) What type of dating do Indians prefer?

Answer: Traditional Dating

Question 3) Who has a better physique?

Answer: Hritik Roshan

Kya Bolti Public Episode 6 – Phone Battery ya Camera?

Question 1) Which of these has been affected the most by lockdown?

Answer: Professional Life

Question 2) Which feature is more important in a mobile phone?

Answer: Long Battery Life

Question 3) What does India prefer?

Answer: Long Hair

Kya Bolti Public Episode 5 – Dhoni Vs Kohli

Question 1) Which of these movies inspires Indians to go for a trip?

Answer: Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

Question 2) What attire does Indian women generally wear for festivities?

Answer: Saree

Question 3) Which cricketers swag does India like more?

Answer: M.S. Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot

Kya Bolti Public Episode 4 – Phone vs Wallet

Question 1) Which of these would you not leave home without?

Answer: Phone

Question 2) How does India prefer communicating?

Answer: Audio Call

Question 3) How does Indians experiment with their look?

Answer: Hair cut

Kya Bolti Public Episode 3 – Auto vs Bus

Question 1) What does India prefer?

Answer: Work from home

Question 2) Which public transport is preferred by Indians?

Answer: Bus

Question 3) Which of Khan’s movies is most awaited?

Answer: Salman Khan’s Radhe

Kya Bolti Public Episode 2 – Naram Garam 

Question 1) Which is India’s favourite season?

Answer: Winter

Question 2) Which of Akshay Kumar’s movie has inspired India the most?

Answer: Padman

Question 3) What is the preferred mode of transportations for long distance amongst Indians?

Answer: Flight

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Season 3 Episode 1 – Online ya Offline? 

Question 1) Which form of shopping is preferred by Indians?

Answer: Online Shopping

Question 2) Which is the most loved Indian celebrity couple who got married recently?

Answer: Neha & Rohanpreet

Question 3) Does India support farmers protest?

Answer: Yes

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 22 March 2021

Question 1) What would you like to become?

Answer: Sabse Funny

Question 2) What would you like to have?

Answer: Own business

Question 3) What do you like more?

Answer: Bluetooth headphones

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers – 21 March 2021

Question 1) Who Is A Better Anchor Turned Actor?

Answer: Maniesh Paul

Question 2) What is the Best Way To Relax After A Long Day?

Answer: Spend Time With Friends

Question 3) Which Of These Insects Is Scarier?

Answer: Honeybee

Kya Bolti Public Answers – 20 March 2021

Question 1) Which Vidya Balan movie is better?

Answer: Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Question 2) Who would you want as a friend?

Answer: Fashion Expert

Question 3) Which snacks is better?

Answer: Aloo Bhujiya

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 19 March 2021

Question 1) Whose wedding outfit was better?

Answer: Varun & Natasha

Question 2) Which of these activity is more enjoyable?

Answer: Cycling

Question 3) Which side dish is more preferable?

Answer: Fries

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers – 18 March 2021

Question 1) Should the content on digital platforms go under censorship?

Answer: Yes

Question 2) Which of these is a more popular cold beverage?

Answer: Mocktail

Question 3) Who is a better On-screen teacher?

Answer: Miss Chandni

Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 17 March 2021

Question 1) Whose online content is better?

Answer: Ashish Chanchlani

Question 2) Which Of These Dishes Should Be Banned?

Answer: Chocolate Momos

Question 3) Which Of These Things You Always Carry In Your Bags?

Answer: Condoms

Kya Bolti Public Answers – 16 March 2021

Question 1) Will OTT platform take over movie theatres?

Answer: Yes

Question 2) What do you use more in your text messages?

Answer: Emojis

Question 3) Whose career looks more promising?

Answer: Shweta Tripathi

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 15 March 2021

Question 1) Which of these is more convenient?

Answer: 10Rs. Note

Question 2) Which sports personality is more popular?

Answer: Sania Mirza

Question 3) What would you like to become?

Answer: Maestro in Music

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 14 March 2021

Question 1) Which father-daughter duo is more popular?

Answer: Ananya & Chunkey

Question 2) With whom would you like to discuss your problems first?

Answer: Friends

Question 3) What kind of parties do you like to attend?

Answer: Cocktail Party

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 13 March 2021

Question 1) Who has a better smile?

Answer: Kartik Aryan

Question 2) What goes best with bread?

Answer: Butter

Question 3) What is technology for us?

Answer: Technology is helpful

Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 12 March 2021

Question 1) Which Of These Movies You Would Like To Re – Watch With Your Family?

Answer: Hera Pheri

Question 2) Have You Ever Seen A Shooting Star And Made A Wish?

Answer: Yes

Question 3) Which sweet is tastier?

Answer: Gulab Jamun

Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers – 11 March 2021

Question 1) Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

Answer: India

Question 2) Which on screen couple are missed more?

Answer: Anurag And Prerna

Question 3) What kind of quality do you look for in a friend?

Answer: Communicator

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Every Quiz (Episode) is live for 24 hours.

  • How to know the Correct Answer?

Kya Bolti Public Quiz is a contest where any of the one options can get maximum votes.  The Correct answers are based on the option getting maximum votes will be the correct answer.

  • Is Kya Bolti Public Season 3 Quiz available on the desktop?

No, this quiz is exclusively available on the Flipkart App.

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