Google Pay Kolkata Event Answers – With Scrath Card or Rare Tickets

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How To Get Kolkata TIcket From Google Pay Go India

1. Open The GPay App Downlaod Google Pay App

2. Now Open Go India Map From Here.

3. You will See the Kolkata Event, Click on the event

4. You will see it ask for share the event & Get Kolkata Ticket.

5. Just click on it & press back

6. Congratulations! You Got Free Kolkata Ticket.

7. PRO –  Share the Kolkata Ticket via Link and Follow Above Steps Again To Get unlimited Kolkata Tickets 

Google Pay GO India “Kolkata” Event Answers

Table of Contents

[Please Note Order will be Random, There will be 5 Questions from below]

  • Park Street
  • All of These
  • Shukto
  • Eden Garden
  • 1984
  • Ravindra Nath Tagore
  • Never Open Gpay or Enter UPI to Receive Money

Question.1 Where Mother Teresa Used to Live?

Answer: Park Street

Question 2 – Puchka is also known as?

Answer  – All of These

Question3. Which os the following is not a Bengali Sweet?

Answer: Shukto

Question 4 – The 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world (in kolkata) is known as?

Answer  – Eden Garden

Question 5  –  Your receive a call on the Eve of Christmas stating that you have won a Rs.5 lakh “festive lottery”. You just need to scan a QR Code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You Should :

Answer – Never Open Gpay or Enter UPI to Receive Money

Question 6 -Since when is the Kolkata Metro Operational?

Answer: 1984

Question 7 – At the Jorasanko Mention, Which Bangali Legend’s home Would you see?

Answer – Ravindra nath Tagore

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