5 Biggest Banking industry changes in 2021 You Should Know

As 2020 is over and its the new beginning of 2021, There are some of the changes in the Banking Industry in 2021 that everybody should know so here we are enlighting the 5 Biggest Banking Indusry Changes in 2021. At Genuine Deals We Provide best offers, deals, coupons and shopping loots so don’t forget to Join our Telegram Channel.

5 Biggest Banking industry changes in 2021 You Should Know

1. Contactless payment limit has been increased from Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000 from January 01, 2020. suggest you to disable contactless service on your card, so that no one can use ur card without PIN.

2. Cheque will be hounered with dual verification, physical & electronic. Issuer need to fill details on physical cheque as well as electronically and Bank will hounuer cheques after matching them.

3. Post office saving account holders will need to maintain Rs.400 average balance to avoid penalty of Rs.100.

4. Charges on UPI was a Fake News, only capping on UPI transaction is going to be there for PhonePe & G-Pay.

5. RTGS facility will be available 24*7 (Earlier it was 9AM to 4:30 PM).

Note:- RTGS is a facility to transfer funds from one Bank A/c to another Bank A/c for amounts more than 2 Lacs.

Bonus News :- Fastag last date has been extended from 1 January to 15 February.

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